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Share College With Old Friends And New!

June 1, 2012

NewFriendsWhen most people first think about going to college, whether straight out of high school or later in their career, one question is pretty common. “I wonder if I’ll know anyone when I get there…?”

For Carrington College students the answer may often be “yes” because the majority of our students go to college in their home town. Going to class on the first day with people you know can make the transition from high school, or from a previous career, feel less intimidating. But it’s not just the first day that feels easier; having a friend or two with you on your college journey can make the entire experience more rewarding.

It’s human nature to take comfort from others – that’s what friendship is all about. Sharing the good times together, enduring the tougher times, having a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with makes the journey through college easier to travel.

You will undoubtedly make new friends at college; good friendships that may well last a lifetime. Most new students actively seek out new relationships, and making friends should not be a problem. But it does mean that you’ll have to make an effort. You might have to take yourself out of your comfort zone at times, particularly if this is your first college experience.

If you’re going to college in the town where you went to high school, you’ll probably need to balance your time between your new college friends and your old school/work friends. That can be tricky so here are 3 quick tips to help you get the right balance:

  • Put the effort in! Some people find it easier to just hang out with new college buddies, while others are more comfortable sticking with old friends. But if you make a little effort, you can stay connected with both. It will be worth it because both your old and new pals have something to offer, otherwise they wouldn’t be your friends…right?
  • Compromise! You can’t please everyone all the time. If you have different friends in different circles, make sure to spend time with both and not freeze one group out. True friends understand that your time is precious and will understand if you sometimes have to miss out.
  • Get the two together! Why not try for the best of both worlds? Introduce your old friends to your new ones. And if they’re considering school, why not encourage them to go to a Carrington College open day? They could always explore their options with a campus Enrollment Services Representative, or you could refer them to this link –

Working side by side in a relaxed, mature learning environment, sharing life experiences, and growing personally and professionally together are just 3 reasons why college friendships often last a lifetime. But that shouldn’t exclude your old friends from joining you in this new chapter of your life. If you can think of a friend who would benefit from studying at Carrington College, inspire them to go to college, and have them join you on a journey of a lifetime.


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