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Program Spotlight – Surgical Technology

August 30, 2012

Surgical TechnologyIf you’re ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in surgery, you’ll be in the hands of a team that may include a surgical technician. These highly trained health care professionals are important members of the operating room team. Detail oriented, methodical and focused, surgical technologists have the opportunity to directly contribute to positive surgical outcomes, and can make a real difference to people’s lives.

To ensure that our Surgical Technology students receive the high level of training they need, the Carrington College California Certificate or Associate degree program, available at our Citrus Heights and San Jose campuses, is designed to integrate individualized instruction with extensive hands-on training. This includes the opportunity to participate in at least 80 surgical cases before graduation.

Our Surgical Technology program follows a structured path that is divided into four terms. Students start by learning about the human body, and subjects like medical terminology, microbiology and pharmacology. Building on that knowledge, students progress to core classes that cover surgical procedures, patient preparation and the preoperative and postoperative duties of surgical techs.

Students then go on to explore surgical specialties such as gastrointestinal, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, and reconstructive before they spend the final term in a clinical rotation where you’ll practice your skills in a clinical site operating room.

What exactly does a surgical technician do?

Supervised by surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel, they assist prior to and during surgical procedures. To reduce the risk of infection surgical technicians help set up sterile equipment before surgery, they assist the surgical team to dress in their sterile gowns and gloves, and they may be asked to prep patients by readying incision sites. During surgery, they pass instruments and supplies to surgeons and surgical assistants, and help prepare specimens for lab analysis.

It may be obvious to say, but if you or someone you know is considering a career in surgical technology, you have to be confident in your ability to stay calm and focused in the operating room during the most stressful situations, sometimes even in life and death circumstances.

If you believe you can handle those kind of extreme situations, and if you’re looking for a career that offers the flexibility to look for roles in a variety of workplaces, surgical technology is worth considering. Job prospects for qualified surgical technicians look promising. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that  employment of surgical technologists to grow 19% by 2020.* You may be able to put your skills and expertise to use in hospital operating rooms, outpatient surgery facilities, birthing centers, casting rooms and eye surgery centers.

If you know someone who might like the challenge of a career in surgical technology, have them talk to a Carrington College California Enrollment Services Representative at 1.877.206.2106. Alternatively have them complete an inquiry form at and a Representative will contact them.


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* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook (2012-13 Ed.).

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