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Why Choose Medical Billing and Coding?

December 13, 2011

Medical Billing and CodingMedical Billing and Medical Coding. Sounds like two different professions, right?  Well, they are, but they aren’t.

While they are different fields, they go hand-in-hand, which is why we teach them together at Carrington College. We do what we can to help our graduates have knowledge of the entire Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) industry and prepare them for a career they can look forward to.

A Medical Coding specialist takes physicians’ medical diagnoses and transcribes them into a standard format using codes recognized throughout the industry; a Medical Billing specialist will then use those codes, attach the correct billing amounts, and then process them in the billing cycle.

Students can learn a variety of skills to help them succeed in a career as a Medical Billing & Coding specialist in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, or independent billing companies. Our MBC program prepares students for these job opportunities by teaching them human anatomy, medical terminology, and the legal, ethical and regulatory standards of medical records management.

The health care industry of the 21st century is constantly striving to become more efficient with advanced technology; medical billing and coding specialists find themselves at the heart of that increased job demand in the medical field as they are responsible for the management of medical records and the generation of revenue.

Graduates of our MBC program earn either a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate of Science degree in Medical Billing & Coding. The program is a good choice for those who would like to work in the medical field, but don’t want to be direct contact with patients.

The Carrington College Medical Billing & Coding program is available at our Mesa, AZPhoenix Westside, AZTucson, AZ, Boise, IDAlbuquerque, NM, Portland, OR, and Spokane, WA campus locations. Find out more by talking to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative at
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