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Learning Online Has Its Benefits

April 12, 2012

Online Learning“Any time, anywhere.” That’s the mantra of many online students. It’s often the flexibility that draws students to study a degree at a college like Carrington College California Online. So if you have friends considering learning online, share this with them. You may help them shape their future.

  • Accessibility – Online programs give many people the opportunity to earn a college degree. People who just don’t have access to a local campus or program, or don’t have the time to get to a campus because of work schedule, family commitments and life in general!
  • Anytime – If you have a busy work schedule, or are raising a family, or trying to do both, you can study whenever it’s most convenient for you. Evenings, weekends, lunch breaks… or at 3am if you can’t sleep! As long as you complete the assignments required by the deadline, you can choose to work when it suits you.
  • Anywhere – Study anywhere that is convenient for you. Libraries, coffee shops, home (if no distractions). As long as you have internet access from your location, you can study there.
  • Affordability – A college education is an investment in your future. Tuition fees for online degree programs typically cost a little less than a campus based degree; plus because you are studying from home, you have no additional travel or living expenses related to your degree.
  • Smarter thinking – Online college programs teach you to think and analyze information intelligently, independently, critically and creatively; valuable skills for potential employers.
  • Smart technology – Interactive information technology enables Carrington online students to effectively communicate with instructors and participate in group activities with fellow students.
  • Staying current – If you left work to have a family, but plan to return in the future, earning a degree while raising children will help you stay current on developments in your field. Or if you intend to go back to a new career, you have the opportunity to develop suitable skills and make yourself more marketable.
  • Structured approach – Online courses are structured using a linear, integrated approach, starting with general education classes to build a foundation within the program, progressing to capstone courses that make the student apply their knowledge and skills in each discipline.
  • More focused – While it might not be for everyone, distance learning does help many people to learn faster because they are more focused when studying at their own pace, in a location of their own choosing. This winning combination often enables them to retain more information.

These are just a few of the advantages of taking classes online that students have shared over the years. If you like the idea of managing your own time, and learning materials and completing assignments at your own pace, then an online degree might suit you. Speak with an Enrollment Services Representative today about your future at 1.877.206.2106. 

Carrington College California Online has 10 online degree programs for prospective students to consider. They include Accounting, Business, Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, Health Care Administration, Health Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, Renewable Energy, and Sales and Marketing.


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