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In A Fast Paced World, Just Try Living Slow!

June 29, 2012

Slow DownCarrington College Associate Degree students are busy, no doubt about it. Many of you have chosen an online program because you don’t have the time or the flexibility of schedule for a campus based course.

With jobs, family, kids, chores, classes, school work – of course it’s a fast paced world for you. Frequent headaches, anxiety, and illness can be some of the symptoms of living life too fast. So take a moment to read about ‘living slow’, and see if it could have a positive effect on your busy life.

Living slow doesn’t mean being lazy, or overly relaxed, it just means trying to live your life at the right speed, not a frenzied pace. Living slow is about taking time to enjoy the journey; it’s about making a connection with the things you do, rather than just ticking them off a to-do list.

It’s about appreciating your friends and families, your opportunities, and yourselves. By taking some time to enjoy and savor these vital parts of our lives, we can avoid taking them for granted.

Here are a few tips to help you live slow!

  • Fast is not always first-rate – And fast does not always lead to first. Instead of speed, look for efficiency in what you do. Doing something efficiently is not the same as rushing it!
  • Take your social life back offline -Technology has changed our life, and not always for the better. Close your laptop, turn off your smart phone or tablet. Even turn off the TV. Get out and go for a walk with a friend; actually chat with someone you usually only ‘chat’ with on Facebook. Be more real-world social and take the time to appreciate your friends & family.
  • Laughter is the best medicine –  Sometimes it can be hard to smile let alone enjoy a good hearty laugh. Laughter has positive health impacts, so find the joy in your life again, and laugh it out!
  • Power down for a few – Every now and then take some time for yourself. With those devices still turned off, decompress with a hot bath or close your eyes for a 20 minute power nap. Sometimes peace and quiet can be invigorating, and a quick nap can be refreshing; it may even be a source of inspiration. Some of my best ideas come to me in the bath!
  • Get your balance right – Balance is the key to long term success. If you keep pushing yourself too hard, it’s not sustainable. Yes, you might gain in the short term, but long term you could burn out.
  • Take time to parent slow – No matter what career you choose, if you’re a parent your kids’ should always be your first priority. If you’re feeling guilty about not having enough time to play with your kids, review your schedule to see how you can make it more efficient. A simple change may give you an extra 30 minutes of quality playtime.

If you make the time to appreciate what you do in life, you’ll find that the individual elements within it become more rewarding.

Stress will always be knocking at your door; it’s the world we live in. But by choosing to try and live slow, you can try to enjoy the journey a little more. When you find that extra 30 minutes to play with your son or daughter, focus on it, make the most of it and don’t feel guilty about it!


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