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Healing Hands Ease Holiday Tension for Those in Need

January 20, 2016

River City Massage Therapy 1Massage Therapy students at the Carrington College, Sacramento campus recently untangled the knotted, tight muscles of community members who truly needed a break this holiday season.

As part of River City Christian Church’s annual “Christmas Mall” gathering, Carrington students took part in a day of pampering and shopping that eased the stress of more than 750 people from local shelters and children from disadvantaged homes.

Guests and families were treated to a warm meal, a voucher to shop at the church store for clothing, toys and sports equipment, and spa treatments including haircuts, manicures and chair massages.

“It was an honor to be invited to and participate in such a humbling event,” said KellyRae Brown, Massage Therapy[1] Program Director at Carrington College. “I was proud of my students who took part in the day’s activities, especially with it being the weekend before finals.”

Brown said the experience of giving massages is even more poignant when working with vulnerable populations like the homeless, who are often overwhelmed with the stresses of daily survival.

“The healing quality of this interaction can stimulate hope as well as the motivation to carry on in the face of what can feel like a never-ending struggle,” she said.

River City 2Chair massages offer a variety of health benefits, such as lifting a person’s mental state and sense of well-being and happiness – not to mention they feel great and promote stress relief.

“You and your students exhibited professionalism and tender loving care at the same time,” said Carol Burnett, coordinator at River City Christian Church. “I know your efforts helped brighten someone’s day.”

Massage therapists know better than anyone the healing power of the gift they offer, especially when it’s volunteered from the heart. And what better time to give back than the holidays?

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