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Easy Ways to Eat a Healthy Breakfast

February 17, 2012

Easy Ways to Eat a Healthy BreakfastTime and time again we’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While some of us try to work it into our busy morning schedules, others just plain “forget” to eat anything and before you know it, it’s lunch time. If you don’t eat something healthy for breakfast, or even at all, do you notice a decline in your thought process before noon?

It’s important for busy college students, single moms and career-driven people to begin their days with a healthy breakfast. Your body has just fasted from the previous night’s sleep, so it needs fuel to get functioning and on the right track for the day.

To help keep you from skipping out on your morning meal, here’s a few ways you can eat a healthy breakfast on the go:

  • Buy things that are easy to grab and eat. Bananas, apples and healthy bars are easy and contain a lot of nutrition. Stay away from cereal bars that contain a lot of sugar. Nutri-grain™, Fiber One™, granola and Special K™ bars have a lot of nutrition, as well as protein bars.
  • Pack a breakfast the night before. Hard-boiled eggs have a lot of protein and you can make a handful in advance to take with you during the week. Whole-grain muffins or bagels are a good thing to pack and if you must have cream cheese, get the low fat kind. Also, slice up some tomatoes or cucumbers to put on your bagel.
  • Buy breakfast on your way to work. Check out local cafés and stores that aren’t out of the way. You can find a lot of healthy choices, like muffins or yogurt with granola and fruit.
  • Drink a shake. There are all types of breakfast, protein and fruit shakes you can make really quickly in the morning. Get all the ingredients ready the night before and set the blender up so you can just throw everything in it and in few seconds its ready and you can take it with you.  Carnation Instant Breakfast is a good breakfast shake. Use skim milk to keep the fat content down.

Try to make sure you eat healthy and start your day with some protein and fiber.  You will notice a higher energy level and be more alert in the mornings if you eat something. Now you have no excuses why you’re not eating breakfast.

What’s your favorite healthy breakfast food? Leave a comment below to share.

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