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Ease Your Pain At The Pump!

February 24, 2012

Girl at Gas PumpWe all know that for most people a car is a necessity in California, not a luxury. For students at Carrington College California, just like everyone else, the price of gas is heading in the wrong direction.

Whether you drive cross-town or cross-state to your Carrington campus, everybody wants to save money at the pump. We know that many of our students have long commutes, just take our Pomona campus for example. Our first SoCal campus is highly accessible from LA County, Orange County, and the desert cities. Some students commute from Burbank 40 miles to the west, and Palm Springs 75 miles east!

Now you may not travel that far, but unless you have shares in Chevron, Shell, or 7-Eleven, you’ll be looking for ways to save on gas too…! Here are some simple tips to help ease your pain at the pump!

  • Shop smart… Specialized apps and websites like can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area.
  • Credit Rebates… Many credit cards offer cash back for gas purchases; sometimes as much as a 2% up to 5% rebate. Read the fine print because fees, charges, interest rates, and benefits can vary among credit card issuers
  • Don’t idle… There’s no need to warm up most cars these days; just get in and go. If you’re waiting for someone, turn off the engine! Your pocket and your lungs will appreciate it!
  • Stick to the speed limit… The mpg (miles per gallon) you achieve decreases quickly when travelling in excess of 60 mph.
  • Buddy up… Check with other students at your campus and car pool! Sharing a ride to campus will immediately cut your gas cost in half, and if you can fill your car with 3 other students, you could save 75%!
  • Cruise when you can… Use cruise control (or overdrive gears) when safe to do so on freeways; it will improve your fuel economy by taking control away from your heavy right foot!
  • Be alert… By anticipating traffic movement around you on familiar roads, you can sometimes let up on the gas, rather than braking. If you see a red light ahead, ease off the gas and coast.
  • Drive, don’t drag race… Pulling a way gently and stopping slowly can preserve fuel and extend the life of your brakes.
  • Be cool, not cold… Running the a/c in your car dramatically reduces fuel economy. Open the windows if you’re driving around town or check to see if you can cope with the “economy” setting that circulates air without chilling. Don’t open windows on freeway drives, the increased resistance may use more gas than the a/c
  • Combine trips… Several short trips taken from a cold start can use double the gas making one trip covering the same distance when the engine is warm.
  • Lose weight… Dump the stuff in your trunk; driving around with excess weight in your vehicle is decreasing your efficiency. If you don’t need all those heavy text books, don’t drive them around
  • Stay tuned, oiled and pumped… When your car isn’t properly maintained it uses more fuel. Service your vehicle regularly, use ‘Energy Conserving’ motor oil, and keep your tires properly inflated and aligned to help improve MPG.


Tips sourced via the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency.

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