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Carrington Reno Medical Assisting Instructor Always Knew She Was a Natural Born Care Giver

November 18, 2020

Carrington Reno Medical Assisting Instructor Always Knew She Was a Natural Born Care GiverEarly on, Laura Lytle knew she was a natural-born caregiver and that she wanted to help others.

“I’ve always been an empath, I’ve always been able to feel what others are feeling,” she explains.

Years ago, Laura’s family faced a great difficulty; her stepfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her mother, a retired nurse, soon had nurses—and then hospice—to help care for him. The way they helped her family during such a difficult time inspired her to pursue a career in medical assisting.

She began asking around and searching for the right career program and found the Medical Assisting program at Carrington College. She enjoyed her time there and felt very supported throughout her course of study.

“My instructors were awesome and were always there to answer questions,” she remembers.

Laura also loved the opportunity to get out into the field. She did her clinical work for a family practice doctor, where she was eventually hired and worked for seven years.

“I loved seeing people come in, and loved having the opportunity to make an impact on their life by giving them the care they needed or deserved,” she says.

Laura had always wanted to teach, though, and as a Medical Assistant, she was often a lead or in charge of asking questions and guiding others. Her extensive on-the-job experience and managing responsibilities over externs and new hires qualified her to instruct, too.

She began teaching Medical Assisting at Carrington College in April of 2020, when classes began online due to COVID-19—classes are now on campus.

“My favorite part of teaching is watching students transform,” she says, “They go from being terrified when they first begin school, then we watch them go into externship and emerge as so confident, as a whole different person.”

Laura’s career journey is an inspiration; her patients surely received the best care from her, and her students are so lucky to learn with her.

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