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Carrington College Boise Announces New Dean of Nursing

June 17, 2021

Carrington College Boise Announces New Dean of NursingDr. Lori James, DNP, RN, has been appointed to serve as the new Dean of Nursing for both the Practical Nursing and Nursing Bridge programs at Carrington College Boise. She will be responsible for working with new faculty members and reviewing program objectives while identifying ways to strengthen the curriculum and support students in achieving their career goals.


“As the new Dean of Nursing I am excited to be mentoring faculty members and help them become effective educators,” says Dr. James. “One of my priorities is making sure the program goes well and sets our students up for success. I also want all of our faculty members to feel valued and supported as we help our students in achieving their career goals,” added Dr. James.


Before joining Carrington College Dr. James served as the Department Chair of Nursing and Health Sciences at Pacific Union College in Angwin, Calif. where she directed and helped manage all the institution’s nursing and health science programs. Prior to that she served as the Director of the Registered Nursing Program at Klamath Community College where she helped develop and launch both the new Practical Nursing program and the new Registered Nursing Program.


“I enjoy working in education because, like healthcare, it allows me to help make a difference in the lives of others,” says Dr. James. “Now, I not only impact the lives of students and their families, but all the patients and their families that they will care for and educate. I am only one small pebble in a big lake, but the ripple I make continues to extend out in larger and larger rings,” added Dr. James.


Dr. James received a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Educational Leadership from American Sentinel University and a Master’s in Nursing Administration from University of Phoenix. She has also been inducted into the International Nursing Honor Society (Sigma Theta Tau).


The communities served by Carrington College benefit from its focus on outcome-based learning and the College’s ability to adapt to its changing needs. Faculty, administrators, and staff are committed to helping students develop specific vocational knowledge and skills, as well as achieving the core student learning outcomes in information management, technical literacy, and professional development.


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