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Best careers for people who are organized

October 25, 2013

Being organized lends itself to a number of careers.If you found throughout high school that you are incredibly organized and now want to put those skills to good use, there are many careers in which you will thrive – rarely do employers ask anyone to keep their desks in disarray! Organization is a marketable skill, which means that employers will always be looking to hire people who possess it.1 Think organization is one of your strong suits? Consider pursuing one of these careers:

Medical coding

Medical coders are responsible for reviewing information from health care professionals about a given patient and translating that information into code. They often retrieve patient records for medical personnel and act as a liaison between billing offices and health clinicians. Anyone who completes a medical billing and coding program must be organized and detail-oriented in order to effectively act as a liaison while also recording and coding patient information correctly – it’s a job that takes focus.2


If the financial industry interests you, then perhaps you should become an accountant. Accountants examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate and that taxes are paid correctly and on time. This job also requires having the ability to organize and maintain those financial records, as well as preparing tax returns and determining the amount of taxes that are owed.3


While it is not a job title that you hear often, archivists are integral to the process of preserving historical documents and permanent records. To accomplish this task, archivists perform a number of duties, including creating and maintaining databases, organizing and classifying archives, and helping users find the reference materials that for which they are looking. Archivists generally work for governments, museums, colleges and universities.4

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