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All About BusinessBusinesses surround our population and when you go to the store, put a letter in the mail or even pay a bill online, you’re interacting with one. Every day we work with a company in one way or another. That’s why if you get a business degree, the odds of finding a job in the business world are in your favor. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported healthcare, management, finance, information technology (IT), and sales and marketing are expected to have the greatest growth in the next few years.* A big reason jobs will be opening up in those markets is due to advancements in technology. Many companies need employees who have the knowledge and skills to implement new programs for websites and intranets, such as IT. Healthcare jobs are increasing because health plans keep evolving and many healthcare organizations need an analyst who can navigate them through the changes. Jobs such as sales and marketing are crucial to the success of any company and will always have a continued growth rate, no matter what the employment conditions may be. Plus, employees who have the skills to create and move a brand product will always be in demand. The salary earning potential for any business job will vary depending on the employer and your experience, that’s why if you want to get a degree, you should start gaining the knowledge and insight as soon as possible to begin on your career path. Carrington College California’s associate degree in business program can put your education on the fast track so you can begin your experience at an entry-level position in the business industry. It’s never too late to start something new and business is a great way to go.

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