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A Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist

February 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a dental hygienist? Carrington College Dental Hygiene[1] program graduates shared what a typical day is like working in the field.


“I love working with people every day, I love making people feel comfortable in an environment where they’re not usually comfortable and I really enjoy my job,” said Carrington College graduate Amy.

Amy works as a Registered Dental Hygienist at Today’s Dentistry in Nampa, Idaho.

“At Carrington they really threw us in with patients right away and we were able to start getting comfortable and confident from our first term,” Amy said.

“During a typical day we do X-rays and cleanings. The biggest part that I enjoy is patient education and teaching patients about their dental health,” said Carrington College graduate Katie.

Katie also works as a Dental Hygienist at Today’s Dentistry.

“We go out and we have to make sure everybody’s teeth are still staying healthy. Once we get them health we have to keep them that way,” said Dr. David Sterzer.

“I really think the dental hygienists are really the work horse of the practice. They see more patients than pretty much everybody. One of the most important things in my opinion is just getting the patients to feel comfortable. Once they’re comfortable it’s just a visit as they get their teeth cleaned and X-rays and check to make sure everything’s good,” Dr. Sterzer said.

“It’s not just about the dentistry, they’re actually developing a relationship with that patient and they’re spending at least one hour of quality time with that patient,” said Today’s Dentistry Office Manager Cathy.

Amy said her favorite part is when I get to meet new patients and really welcome them into their office.

Katie said she loves being a dental hygienist because she loves helping people with their oral health.

“We really are here to educate you as well as take care of your teeth,” Amy said.

“Personally, I love working with Carrington graduates because they seem to be very well equipped,” Cathy said.

“Being able to see actual patients while you’re going to school is great and it really just makes you prepared to come out into the real world,” Katie said.

“Carrington College graduates are very well rounded, they interact very well with patients, they have a lot of experience talking to patients and they’re also very knowledgeable. They do their job well, they get everything done so it makes my job a lot easier,” Dr. Sterzer said.

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