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10 Questions to Ask When Visiting a College

January 24, 2014

boise-campusIf you, or someone you know, is interested in enrolling at a vocational school like Carrington College, here are 10 things that you should ask before you enroll. This list was compiled from answers given by some of our current students…

  1. Ask About Accreditation – This should be first on your list. Ask about both the school’s and the program’s accreditation. Why is it so important? Going back to school is an investment, so you have to make sure that your qualification will be from a school that is recognized for its quality.
  2. Ask About Financial Aid – Ask if the school participates in any financial assistance programs, both federal and state, as well as private, third party financing. Ask to meet with the Student Finance Department, and check that they have the resources and expertise to help guide you step-by-step through the financial aid process.
  3. Ask About Program Length – Program lengths can vary from 9 to 24 months; the program you’re considering may take longer than you thought, or are able to commit to. Know your options.
  4. Ask About Scheduling – You have other commitments like work and family, so does the school have the ability to be flexible to your schedule? Do they offer evening classes for example?
  5. Ask About All Available Programs – Don’t just focus on one program; ask them about all the programs they have to offer. After speaking with an Enrollment Services Representative, you may find that you’re better suited to a different program than the one you had in mind when you came in.
  6. Ask About Tutoring/Mentoring – Ask if they offer tutoring, and if there are student mentors on campus that can help students as they move through the program.
  7. Ask About Student/Faculty Ratio – The bigger the class the less time each teacher has to devote to you. Make sure that the ratio isn’t too high, so you can expect to receive enough support in class.
  8. Ask About Pass Rates The program pass rate will tell you a lot about the success of the program; if pass rates are low, you need to investigate why.
  9. Ask About Drop-Out Rates -Drop-out rates will also tell you a lot about the program; if a bunch of people drop-out, try to find out why by searching for reviews of the school online or by trying #10 below?
  10. Ask To Talk To A Current Student – Who better to speak to about their experience at the school than a student who is currently studying the program you’re contemplating. You can expect straight answers to your questions.

Our goal at Carrington College is to make your experience as positive as possible from your very first campus tour. That means listening to questions, offering advice and taking the time to provide you with any guidance and support you need.


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