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10 Late Assignment Excuses Not To Use!

November 19, 2012

Late AssignmentsWhen you’re a college student you have to be more motivated to study than you were in High School. Why? Because you’re an adult. You’ve chosen to go to college to improve your career prospects, and your success or failure is up to you.

Back in the day, your teachers would hold the threat of ‘detention’ or ‘a letter to your parents’ over you to get you to do your homework. At Carrington College California, we treat students like the adults you are – your instructors and faculty are there to help you succeed, but the key to your success is in your hands.

As an online student you have to be even more self motivated than our campus based students – you have to set aside time in your busy schedule to complete your college work. Your instructors aren’t in front of you every day – so that drive, ambition and self-motivation to succeed needs to be even stronger.

That’s why you have to schedule all aspects of your life (as best you can!) to make sure you allow time to complete your assignments and college work when due. Timeliness is an important professional skill – you’ll need it to be successful no matter what your career choice. Make sure you form good time-keeping habits at college; those habits may stick when you start your professional life.

But every now and then you may find yourself falling behind – or running out of time. But here’s a quick warning for you – our instructors have heard just about every excuse under the sun when it comes to late assignments! Here’s one for every online program – we don’t suggest you try to use any of them!

  • My calculator is solar powered and it was cloudy! Can you believe it, in Arizona of all places! – Accounting program
  • The Mayans say the world will end next month – I figured what’s the point? There’s no return on the investment – Business program
  • My father said not to bother, the future is in apps – Computer Technology program
  • Assignment? What assignment? Do you have a witness or proof of this request? Criminal Justice program
  • My mother was so impressed, she framed it! – Graphic Design program
  • My baby ate it. Proof? I’m waiting on the results of a stool analysis – Health Care Administration program
  • A family member had a medical emergency last night – It’s ok now, I made sure her records were in order – Health Information Technology program
  • The Supreme Court ruled in favor of an extension to the deadline, weren’t you informed? Paralegal Studies program
  • I was too worried about global warming to focus on my assignment – Renewable Energy program
  • It was such a strong campaign idea, a major international brand just bought the exclusive rights to it – Sales & Marketing program


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