Tucson, Arizona Veterinary Assisting Program

Classes start on February 8, 2016

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If you live in Tucson and would like to one day work in a vet’s office, an animal hospital, shelter, research institution, or even a zoo, then the Veterinary Assisting certificate program at Carrington College in Tucson, AZ can teach you the skills you need to help you find your way.

Our Tucson Vet Assistant program can typically be completed in as few as eight months, during which time you receive the hands-on training and experience you need to help you succeed in a Vet Assistant career.1 So if you are currently looking for Tucson veterinary schools, consider taking Vet Assisting classes at Carrington College in Tucson because:

  • Students are taught a range of patient services and the basic office skills expected of a Vet Assistant
  • The Tucson Vet Assisting program is a blend of clinical, lab, and administrative courses
  • Students can build their confidence and hone their skills in an real-world veterinary healthcare setting during an externship
  • The program culminates in a Certificate of Achievement in Veterinary Assisting

Veterinary Assistants are involved in all facets of animal care; their duties cover patient care, surgical nursing, lab tasks, and of course they help vets with animal exams. They may also be involved in administration and coordination duties in the front office.

Learn new skills in our Tucson Veterinary Assisting program

Successful graduates of the Veterinary Assisting program at Carrington College in Tucson should have the skills to:

  • Gather patient & owner information
  • Update and manage patient records
  • Assist in diagnostic exams
  • Take lab specimens, and assist with surgical procedures
  • Help with x-rays and dental prophylaxes
  • Assist with office duties
  • Demonstrate your critical thinking and information management skills

The Veterinary Assisting training available to students at Carrington College in Tucson, AZ includes classes on surgical procedures, chemistry, nursing skills, animal restraint, animal anatomy, and physiology. Students are taught office and administration talents that cover computer basics, telephone skills, and appointments.

Above all, our Vet Assistant certificate program prepares Tucson students for the duties that prospective employers would expect an entry-level Veterinary Assistant to be able to perform. Whether it’s clinical work such as lab tests, taking blood and tissue samples, assisting a vet as they perform medical procedures, or office administration tasks, the daily tasks of a Vet Assistant are wide and varied, and students on our Tucson Vet Assisting program can be fully prepared for the future.

Start your Veterinary Assistant career in Tucson, AZ

Our Tucson Veterinary Assisting certificate program will be enrolling soon, so make a call today that could change your future. If you consider yourself an animal lover and you’d like to work in animal care, you should talk to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative about your options.