At Carrington College we love animals, and what better time to feature one of our Veterinary Technology students than during National Veterinary Technician Week! 

The students, faculty and staff at the Carrington College Las Vegas Campus worked hard to collect back to school items for the students at Charlotte Hill Elementary School.

Carrington College is throwing textbooks out the window.
Ok, maybe not literally… but you get the idea.

What is ICD-10? What does it mean for the medical world?

Open wide and say ahhh! That was the theme of the day as Dental Hygiene students at Carrington College, Sacramento celebrated the 10th anniversary of the campus’ Dental Hygiene Clinic with a free screening day for the community.
That’s right, students provided screenings at no cost! That…

The medical world has just completely changed. Welcome to ICD-10.
Every medical procedure, diagnosis and treatment you’ve had has been coded has been the same way since 1979. That’s the same year the Sony Walkman was invented.
Imagine if you saw someone walking around with one of those…no…

It’s a favorite holiday for a lot of kids (and grown-ups)… you know, the one where you get to stuff your face with a ton of candy!
But when your kids are looking for every candy bar they can find, they might think some stuff around the house is a treat when it definitely isn’t.
Did you…