Medical Radiography (X-ray) Program in Spokane, WA

Classes start on May 30, 2016

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Medical Radiographers help healthcare professionals to identify illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions – from broken bones to heart conditions – by providing images of the area in question. Students on the Medical Radiography degree program at our Carrington College Spokane, WA campus receive the practical training they need to help them succeed in a career as a Medical Radiographer.

Students on the Spokane Radiography associate degree program are taught the skills that enable them to use diagnostic level radiation and instrumentation to produce medical images of the human body. So if you’re looking for a Medical Radiography school in Spokane, consider the advantages that Carrington College can offer students here at our Spokane campus:

  • The program culminates in an Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Medical Radiography
  • Students are taught through a mix of formal classroom instruction and practical radiography training
  • We prepare our graduates to sit for the national certification exam1
  • Students learn the skills necessary to perform entry-level radiographic procedures in a professional setting

Maximize your potential on our Spokane Medical Radiography program

Our students learn their skills through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training; the curriculum adds up to an education that can give our students the experience and training needed to help them succeed in their future Medical Radiography careers.

Graduates of our Spokane Medical Radiography degree program must go on to successfully complete the certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.1 Our graduates should have the skills and the confidence to:

  • Ensure proper patient positioning
  • Administer appropriate drugs and prepare chemical mixtures to assist in the imaging process
  • Ensure proper exposure for optimum film resolution, and minimal radiation exposure for the patient
  • Demonstrate their proficiency in critical thinking and information management

Medical Radiography students in Spokane can see their future

As our population grows and gets older, the demand for diagnostic imaging will increase because, unfortunately, with age comes a greater incidence of illness and injury. That’s why tU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment of Radiologic Technologist may increase by about 21% from 2012 to 2022; that’s faster than the average for all occupations.2

Medical Radiography classes will be enrolling soon at our Spokane campus, so if you can picture yourself as a Medical Radiographer, why not talk to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative about your options?

Click here for program effectiveness data from the medical radiography program as reported in the JRCERT Annual Report.

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The following information about our Medical Radiography Program may be found in the downloadable Academic Catalog:

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