Healthy eating for the busy college student

Utilize your local grocery store to stick with a healthy diet.

One of the problems many college students run into is that between class, work, an active social life and, possibly, taking care of a family, they don’t have the time or energy to stick with a healthy diet.
College students are notorious for eating pizza and fast food and drinking sugary sodas….

3 Ways to Thank Your Health Care Worker Over the Holidays

Gift for Health Care Workers

Our recent Holiday Hellth infographic shed light on the additional stress put on health care workers over the holidays. For many students in our medical programs, working during this festive time will likely soon be a reality. During this time, more than ever, it is important to recognize the…

Pros and cons of being a dental hygienist

Dental hygiene is an in-demand career.

Did you have a fascination with the tooth fairy as a child? Or always looked forward to going to the dentist? Then perhaps a career as a dental hygienist is right for you. Dental hygienists play an integral role in every dentist’s office, and are responsible for everything from cleaning teeth to…

New study may point the way toward better treatment of autism

The so-called "love hormone" may be key to treating autism.

Autism has become one of the most important health issues of our time, with everyone from parents to physicians to certified medical assistants struggling to find a way to treat children who have been diagnosed with the syndrome. But now there appears to be one option that is making a…

Antibacterials are latest products to come under FDA scrutiny

It now appears that soap and water may be just as effective, if not more so, than antibacterial cleansers.

When you work in health care, no matter whether you’re a genetic researcher, certified medical assistant or a veterinary technician, in one way or another, you’re also a scientist.
Striving to improve patient outcomes is a constant exercise in using the scientific method – you observe,…

5 Memory tips for pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy technicians can use these tips to improve their memories.

Whether you are studying for your Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam or are already on the job, having a good memory is a requirement for having a career in pharmacy technology – after all, it’s important to remember the difference between the various prescriptions that you fill.1 If…

How to start a nurse mentoring program

Are you thinking about beginning a nurse mentoring program?

Throughout your nursing career, you will likely have many clinical instructors (also know as preceptors). Whenever you being a new job, take on a new specialty or a different role within the hospital, there will be someone to guide you through your new duties. However, having a mentor to inspire…