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Medical Assisting Student Looks Forward To A Future Hands-On Career

April 22, 2020

This week we meet Karla Alday Montiel, a Medical Assisting student from Carrington College Tucson. Karla’s drive, positive attitude, and leadership in the classroom make her a standout.

When she was growing up, Karla looked forward to hearing her mother talk about her day working as a caretaker in the hospital. Her stories inspired Karla; she knew that when she grew up, she wanted to help people by working in the medical field, too.

Karla Medical Assisting student from Carrington Phoenix

A strong student in high school, Karla was eager to go to college and begin her career. She decided to get her GED early—at age 16. She looked at other colleges but ultimately chose Carrington College because of the immediate support and encouragement she received there despite her younger age.

“Throughout my journey, the obstacle I’ve had to work past the most is my age,” Karla says. “I used to get comments from people who would say 16 was too young to start college or would doubt that I could do it. But that only made me want it more.”


She met with admissions staff at Carrington, who agreed to help her move forward with enrollment. With that—and with her mother’s support—Karla knew she would succeed in the Medical Assisting program.


As for being a younger student? It certainly hasn’t affected her success. “Nine times out of ten people are shocked at her young age because of her maturity,” says Emily Wilson, Program Director for Medical Assisting. “Karla studies hard and earns good grades. She has great attendance, and her skills are up there with the very best I’ve seen in all my years of teaching.”


“There has never been a dull moment for me at school,” Karla says. “I always look forward to going to school every day and to learn new things.” She enjoys staying after school to study with friends; they help each other when someone has difficulty or questions about the work.


Karla has one more term to go before her externship, which she is looking forward to. “When I complete my program, I’m looking forward to being hands-on,” Karla says, “To help others and be a support to patients.”

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