Dr. Carmelita Nix-Williams Inspires Graduates at the Carrington College San Leandro Commencement Ceremony

Carrington College was honored to have Dr. Carmelita Nix-Williams as the keynote speaker at our recent commencement ceremony at the San Leandro campus. Dr. Nix-Williams is a devoted wife and mother, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and a proud Northern California resident for over 30 years. With an impressive 21-year career in the United States Air Force and a current role as an Executive Director at Kaiser Permanente, she brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to our graduates.


A Rewarding Experience

Reflecting on her experience speaking at the commencement ceremony, Dr. Nix-Williams shared, “It was absolutely rewarding and inspiring.” Her message to the graduates was one of encouragement, perseverance, and the desire to exceed life’s expectations. She emphasized the importance of pushing beyond boundaries and continually striving for personal and professional growth.


The Role of Career-Focused Institutions

Dr. Nix-Williams highlighted the crucial role that career-focused institutions like Carrington College play in today’s educational landscape. “These institutions are critical because they improve our communities and influence stability within career fields that need professional diversity,” she said. Her words underscored the importance of practical, hands-on education in preparing students for the workforce.


Advice for Graduates

Drawing from her distinguished career, Dr. Nix-Williams offered invaluable advice to the new graduates. She encouraged them to take risks, become lifelong learners, and always remember to give back to their communities. “My education has assisted my professional growth through leadership opportunities within my military and civilian professional careers,” she noted, adding that her academic achievements have allowed her to implement groundbreaking strategies resulting in billion-dollar cost savings.


Community Involvement

Dr. Nix-Williams is not only a leader in her professional life but also deeply involved in community service. She founded a Leadership Academy for Young Women, which focuses on educating young women on financial literacy and life enrichment goals. “Participating within my community is extremely important to me because, without community activities, youth focus groups, and the local church, I would not have been exposed to personal and professional development opportunities,” she explained.


Qualities of a Successful Leader

When asked about the key qualities of a successful leader, Dr. Nix-Williams emphasized integrity, competence, and empathy. She advised graduates to bring their authentic selves to work and to mentor others within their organizations. Her insights reflect a deep understanding of leadership and the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.


Balancing Career, Community, and Family

Balancing a successful career, community service, and family life is no small feat, but Dr. Nix-Williams has mastered it. “I balance it all by keeping my family engaged in my community activities, my professional and educational goals. I make sure I make time for family activities,” she shared. Her tips for graduates included creating a calendar to manage important family events and scheduling work and community activities around family commitments.


Looking Back and Moving Forward

Reflecting on her own educational and career journey, Dr. Nix-Williams wished she had taken more professional risks sooner and trusted her instincts more. She encouraged the graduates to avoid second guessing themselves and to have confidence in their abilities.


The Future of Healthcare

Looking ahead, Dr. Nix-Williams is optimistic about the future of the healthcare industry. She believes it holds great promise and advises graduates to stay innovative, open-minded, and productive in their respective fields. Her forward-thinking perspective is a testament to her dedication to continuous improvement and excellence.


Dr. Nix-Williams’ address at the Carrington College commencement ceremony in San Leandro was a source of inspiration and guidance for our graduates. Her insights left a lasting impact on our graduating students, while encouraging them to pursue their professional journeys with confidence and determination. We are grateful for her continued support and commitment to excellence.

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