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World’s Greatest Dad!

June 10, 2013

Father's DayBill Cosby once said – “Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is soap-on-a-rope!” Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16. Please don’t get dad soap-on-a-rope!

Let’s face it, if you’re a student at Carrington College California, you’re probably too old to get him a “World’s Greatest Dad’ coffee mug, so you may have to get more creative. If you haven’t already, get a card in the mail to ‘Dear old Dad’, or better yet come up with a way to surprise him in person.

Instead of worrying about expensive gifts, think about fun ways that you can surprise your father or spend time with him, even if you don’t live close enough for a visit.

If you live close by…

  • Take him out to the ballpark! Take dad out to enjoy his favorite local team – he’ll enjoy the time together with you as much as the game.
  • Quality time – Go fishing, go bowling, or organize an all-day outing like picnic and paintball. Whatever it is he likes to do, he’ll enjoy it much more with you by his side.
  • Wash & wax his ride! – Surprise him by getting his car detailed – have someone work on it in the driveway while you go over for lunch – that way you don’t have to steal his keys!
  • Get on the grill! – Dad always seems to be the grill-master, give him a break and take over!
  • Spa days aren’t just for mom! – Organize a massage for sore muscles, or a soak in a mineral tub.

Or what about an old-fashioned professional shave?

  • Deliver a Daddy Goodie Bag! Buy an empty basket and fill it with things your dad likes — specific foods, beers, wine, movies, gift cards and small objects that will make him smile.

If you live far away from home…

  • Send a video message – This is great fun if you can get your siblings together, or do it with your own kids. Tell a good story from when you were young or just tell him how much he means to you.
  • Organize a video chat – Go beyond the usual phone call check in if you can. Try to set up some FaceTime, Skype or a video conference call. A simple face to face chat can mean so much.
  • Send him a memory book – Use an online photo service like to design and print a custom photo book packed with images and memories from your childhood.
  • Hand deliver a gift – Have one of your dad’s buddies drop by with a gift from you, even if it’s just a six-pack and a pizza. You’ll save on an expensive delivery, and it’s the thought that counts!

But remember the best gift that you could possibly give your dad this year is your successful graduation from Carrington College California. Imagine how proud he will be when he can tell his friends and co-workers that “My daughter just graduated the Medical Assisting program” or “My son just earned an Associate degree in Pharmacy Technology.”  That would be better than any other gift you could give him, so take the time to enjoy your dad, but focus on giving him what he really wants, a successful future in your chosen career.

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