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Tips on Being a Good Mentor

February 23, 2012

Tips on Being a Good MentorThroughout life, it’s important to have someone to look up to and give you good advice along the way. During our college years, a mentor provides as a not only a good coach to everyday life struggles, but a person who can show you how to network and get you into the working force.

From an older sibling to a volleyball coach, anyone can be a mentor and the following guidelines show you how.

  • Reach out to your teacher or Carrington College California’s career services. There are a variety of students and organizations that need mentors. Depending on whom you want to mentor for and what field you would be a good mentor in, will help you decide on the type of organization to volunteer at.
  • Try your local school district. Schools are often looking for mentors for all age groups, especially for their after school programs. Give them a call to see if you can volunteer your time. Plus, you can spread the word about  your experience at Carrington.
  • Share what you know. Go to the local school and talk to classes about what you know and how to accomplish being successful in your career. You never know who you might impact.
  • Volunteer at a local recreation center. If you’re the active type, pick a sport that you’re knowledgeable about and coach someone.
  • Approach someone that you think you could mentor. Explain to them your area of expertise and what you think you could help them learn.
  • Ask advice from family and friends. They may have some great insight as how you would be a good mentor. Plus, they may know places or people that need mentors.

How to establish the ABC’s of mentoring

  • Show respect
  • Set goals
  • Keep an open mind
  • Discuss expectations between you and the mentee
  • Always have fun

Leave a comment and tell us about what you do to help mentor others.