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This is just the beginning of your journey!

February 24, 2012

RoadEvery journey in life starts with a first step, so congratulations because you’ve made yours!</p?

You have chosen to further your education at Carrington College California – Online. But gaining a new qualification is just the start of your new adventure. Your journey has begun, but now is the time to plan your next steps, and map out a career path if you haven’t done so already.

Graduates of Carrington College California – Online– Online are acknowledged to be accomplished, knowledgeable professionals with the necessary skills to help them make a seamless switch into a new career. We’re here to help you find your way, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Have you always had an interest in the future of health care? If so you may have chosen to study Health Care Administration. Maybe you’ve decided that working in Criminal Justice is where your future lies? Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or making a mid-life career change, you’ve probably chosen a program because the subject interests you.

If that’s the case, then good news! You have taken the important first step of self-awareness. Far too many of us stumble into a career by accident; once that happens we get caught up in the rat race and it can be difficult to move on or out. By consciously choosing a vocational program that interests you, we can assume that you’ve picked out a career that appeals to you, and you have proven your self-awareness.

As a student at, or perhaps a recent graduate of, Carrington College California – Online, it’s time to consider the second step of your journey, self-examination. We all want to be successful at what we do, but what is your ambition for your career? How far do you want to go? Don’t worry because there isn’t a wrong answer to this question, because we’re all individuals!

Here’s an example; some students enter our Health Care Administration degree program because they are good organizers, and they just want to graduate and get themselves a good administration job in healthcare that helps them pay their bills.

However, other students see this program as a stepping stone; they foresee themselves graduating, then getting an entry-level job, then continuing their education, gaining more experience, with the long-term ambition of running a hospital or department some day!

This is what we mean by self-examination; a reality check where you define your own ambitions, gauge your abilities, and examine the priorities in your life. Remember, there is no right or wrong – but this self-examination will help you gain more direction as you set out the goals on your career path.

So you’ve completed your self-examination, so the third step is to explore your options based on your ambition. If you ultimately want to manage a hospital, you have to start investigating what commitments that will take today. Of course you’ll first have to get a job to help you build your experience, but then examine what other qualifications and further education you may need? What’s a realistic timeline? Can you afford the commitments of time, and money?

Even if your ambition is more modest, start by talking to your instructors; benefit from their knowledge and experience working in the field. Ensure that you explore all available local connections and craft your resume; sharpen up your interviewing skills and begin to network. Volunteer where you can; you never know who you might meet and when the connections you develop could benefit you in the future.

The fourth step on our path is to remember to be flexible. Remember that sometimes the best plans can go wrong. Just because you’ve mapped out your path, life can sometimes get in the way!

But if you do hit bumps in your road, don’t panic; look at your map, adjust your route a little, and continue on your way with confidence. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do; but if you have a map and a plan, follow your path and make sure you enjoy the journey!

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