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The Economy of Counterfeit Drugs [Info-graphic]

November 1, 2011

Most people depend on pharmacies, hospitals and other health care facilities to give them the right kinds of medications, right? Did you know, however, what you’re putting in your body could actually contain ingredients your doctor didn’t prescribe you? In 2009, two people died because they thought they were taking a traditional anti-diabetic medication to lower blood sugar, when it was actually a counterfeit drug that had six times the amount of glibinclamide.

Fake drugs cannot only be harmful to your health; it can be rough on the pharmaceutical industries too. In fact, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reported that worldwide drug counterfeiting was expected to grow to a $75 billion industry in 2010, taking business away from companies that are making the correct kinds of medications.

Infographic via the Carrington College pharmacy technician training program.

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