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San Jose Campus Announces Winner of Video Challenge

July 17, 2019


Students from several programs at Carrington College San Jose recently held a creative video challenge, and the campus is proud to announce the winning team. Aside from charting dental conditions, measuring tooth decay and applying fluoride or other cavity preventing agents, it turns out the Dental Hygiene students are incredibly talented at video production as well since they took First Place in the competition.

The judging criteria was measured on a scale from 1-10, with a score of 10 being the best they could earn in terms of points. The categories they were judged on were Creativity/Originality, Messaging and the overall quality of Sound/Video Production.

The top three student teams were Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, and Criminal Justice, which all made exceptional videos highlighting their program and the valuable skills they’re learning as students at Carrington College.

Each team was proud to show off their work and wonderful accomplishments as part of the challenge. All the videos submitted were created and edited by the students and each team had a lot of fun, including the winning Dental Hygiene team.

“We wanted to make a video that really captured the essence of our class,” said a senior student on the Dental Hygiene team. “This video is full of memories from our day to day and truly shows how much we have grown and come together. We’ve become a pretty tight-knit DH family! We are all grateful to be here, this has been a tough program, but we’ve made it this far because we’ve all helped each other. We can’t wait to cross that finish line!”

Watch the winning video now:


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