Pharmacy technician resume tips

Tailor your resume before applying for a job as a pharmacy technician.After earning a pharmacy technology degree, new graduates looking for jobs will need to update their resumes before applying to open positions. Resumes for pharmacy technicians differ slightly from the generic forms taught in high school, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve tailored yours to highlight the specialized skills you have acquired from pharmacy technician school.

Write a strong objective

The objective on your resume should be tailored to each specific position for which you apply, so check the job requirements thoroughly when crafting your statement. In the case of pharmacy technicians, it’s important to highlight your willingness to learn and pursue opportunities to develop professionally.1

List special skills

Having graduated from pharmacy technician school, you hold a very distinct set of specialized skills – be sure to include them on your resume! Use the special skills section to draw attention to any certifications you have, or other abilities that may set you apart from other job candidates, such as being able to speak a foreign language.2

Provide work history details

When listing your work history and experience, provide details of what you were responsible for and what you were able to accomplish at each position. Don’t be afraid to get specific. The more information employers are able to glean from your resume, the better. Instead of saying that you assisted the pharmacist, explain exactly what responsibilities you had, such as entering prescription information into the computer or counting the prescribed number of tablets.3

Include professional associations

If you are a member of any professional associations, it’s to your benefit to include them on your resume. If you are not a member of anything, consider joining. Some great options are the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians and the National Pharmacy Technician Association.4 1 LeClaire, Jennifer, Monster, ‘Resume Tips for Pharmacy Technicians,’ 2013 – 2 Imani, Faizah, Houston Chronicle, ‘How to Write a Pharmacy Technician Resume,’ 2013 – 3 LeClaire, Jennifer, Monster, ‘Resume Tips for Pharmacy Technicians,’ 2013 – 4 Imani, Faizah, Houston Chronicle, ‘How to Write a Pharmacy Technician Resume,’ 2013 –

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