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To quote our Carrington College President, Tamara Rozhon, EdD, “Our commitment is to our students. When you need support, you’ll get it. When you need encouragement, you’ll find it. When you need information, you’ll have it.” To meet that commitment, did you know that every Carrington College campus has a Career Services department, a Student Finance department, and instructors who will gladly provide students with extra one-on-one tutoring? These resources are all part of our commitment to help our students and graduates transform their lives through education.

Career Services

Career ServicesJob-search strategies, job-market orientation, resume writing, interviewing techniques. Your campus Career Services department is there to help you develop these soft skills and more; skills which in many respects are just as important to a job search as those you learn in the lab and classroom. But these services don’t end at graduation! We offer career assistance to all graduates without charge, as we help them take the next step in their journey to a new career.* We’ll help you craft a resume that truly reflects the person you are, as well as highlighting the skills and qualifications that an employer will find beneficial. To help you prepare for interviews, we’ll conduct role play and mock interviews, going over the communication and interpersonal skills an employer will see as valuable and important. Above all, we’re here to help our graduates find the right fit, as they move into their first job in a new career. Career Services is a resource that Carrington students and graduates should make the most of. With access to valuable resources, we offer advice, guidance and a helping hand so you don’t feel as if you’re making this new and exciting journey alone. Contact the Career Services Department at your campus, or call 1.877.206.2106.

Student Finance

Everybody is different, and everyone’s financial situation is equally unique, which is why we have all Carrington College applicants schedule an appointment with the campus Student Finance department before they enroll, so that we can determine their eligibility for financial assistance meet their educational expenses.** As a college, we participate in a variety of federal and state student financial assistance programs, as well as private third-party financing. To learn more about financial aid, grants, including state-funded programs, please contact your student finance office.

One on One Tutoring

Are you having difficulty with a particular topic or class? Are you struggling with an exercise that you just can’t seem to get to grips with? If so, speak with your instructor for that class. Our Carrington College faculty members view themselves as mentors not teachers; they will gladly set up some time for a one-on-one tutoring session to help you develop your understanding of the problem.   *Success in securing employment depends on the graduate’s efforts and motivation, as well as on the student’s educational performance. Carrington does not guarantee employment, nor employment within specific salary ranges or areas. Program availability varies by location. ** Financial Aid available for those who qualify  ©2012 Carrington Colleges Group. All Rights Reserved. Programs vary by location.

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