Informational Interviews – What are they?

Informational InterviewYou’ve heard the expression “first impressions are everything”. That sentiment becomes especially true when going on job interviews.  Today, it has become a part of the norm to go on “Informational Interviews.” You might describe an Informational Interview as a practice run to brush up on your interview skills, gather information about the company, what positions might be available and what opportunities might be available. There are several reasons why you should organize an informational interview:

  • Explore your career path and clarify your career goals
  • Build on your interviewing skills
  • Identify your professional strengths and weaknesses and
  • Discover job opportunities or strategies for the industry.

The more you know about yourself and your field, the more prepared you will be for an actual interview. Once you have decided to use informational interviews, you will want to develop a list of people you would like to contact. Consider family members, friends, neighbors, professors, fellow students or alumni who are employed in the field or have experience in the industry you are pursuing. Check out the next issue of the newsletter for tips on setting up and conducting the Informational Interview.

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