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Have You Attended A Webinar? If Not, You Should!

June 1, 2012

WebinarIf you’ve never attended a Carrington Career Services webinar, you might be missing out on a valuable resource that could help you with your new career. We’re sure you know what a webinar is, but do you know where the word ‘webinar’ comes from?

A little like ‘blog’ that originates from ‘web log’, the word ‘webinar’ is a combination of “web-based” and “seminar.” A webinar can be a lecture, a presentation of some kind, a workshop or an interactive meeting that is held on the world wide web. Think of webinars as just another way to attend a class without leaving the comfort of home.

Using your computer, you can hear and see a presentation, including the presenter’s slides. You can’t see the presenter or others attending the webinar, and they won’t be able to see you. So if you want to attend in your PJs, like you probably do for some of your other classes, you’re more than welcome!

The Carrington College California Online Career Services department has developed a series of webinars designed to help our students learn more about careers related to their programs. Here’s the webinar schedule for the next few months:

  • June                           Graphic Design
  • July                             Renewable Energy
  • August                        Paralegal Studies
  • September                  Business/Accounting
  • October                      Computer Technology

The first webinar titled ‘Careers in Health Services’ was held in April. It provided valuable tips and strategies for finding a position in the health services industry. The webinar also included insight to industry trends, tips for resumes, guidance for networking and establishing contacts in the field, plus job sites specific to health services.

Students in our Health Information Technology or Health Care Administration programs who missed the webinar can still watch it by going to one or both of these 2 links*:

  •  To watch a streaming link of the ‘Careers in Health Services’ webinar, copy and paste this link into your browser and follow any instructions:
  •  To download a copy of the webinar to your computer, copy and paste this link into your browser and follow any instructions:

The May webinar (held May 30th) focused on the Criminal Justice sector, but a recording was not available as the time of writing. The link has been made available to Criminal Justice program students.

Invites to attend the live webinars are sent to students and recent graduates of the applicable program; the invite also includes the link to register for the webinar. Exact dates will be set closer to the time. For more information on our series of webinars, please feel free to contact your Career Services team at


*Note that the first time you attend a webinar, or view the above links, you may need to download some software. This will depend on the programs you already have installed on your computer. Follow the online instructions; the downloads take just a couple of minutes depending on your connection speed.