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Faculty Spotlight Honoring Dental Assistant Recognition Week

March 6, 2020

At Carrington College we appreciate all our Dental Assisting faculty members and would like to honor them for Dental Assistant Recognition Week, particularity Anthony Miller, a Dental Assisting Instructor at the Carrington College Stockton campus.


Anthony is doing this work for all the right reasons. He has been a dental assistant for 10 years, but he can still remember when his instructor told him to “go out and do the work for a couple of years and then come back and teach.” Well, Anthony is an overachiever. He did general chair-side assisting for seven years before feeling the call to work with students.

DARW Faculty

During those seven years Anthony accomplished a lot. He worked in the California prison system assisting a dentist who was giving care to California’s prison population because everyone deserves care. He also worked on community service projects helping veterans and others obtain needed services.


Anthony is still working occasionally with a dentist with whom he has a long-term professional relationship. Though now he has set his sights on sharing his experiences and knowledge with students as well.


Learn more about our Dental Assisting program.

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Dental assistants help dentists with basic tasks such as impressions and handling equipment during procedures. This exciting career blends office administration and scheduling with health care tasks.

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