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Bucket list for college seniors

May 1, 2013
Check these items off your bucket list before graduation.

Graduation is looming, and college seniors are likely starting to combat a bout of nostalgia in addition to the more traditional strain of senioritis. As the weather warms and you prepare to don your cap and gown, now is the time to embrace everything you love about college before you have to enter the real world. Here’s a short bucket list to get you started:

1. Reconnect with friends from your first year

Remember that person you found on Craigslist and roomed with in that tiny apartment your first year out of high school? Whatever happened to him/her anyway? Anyone who helped you ease through the difficult transition into college and made your first year great deserves one last coffee date. Facebook message, call or text your old friends and do some quick catching up before you go your separate ways. Who knows? You may even be moving to the same city post-grad.

2. Go to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try

If you’ve walked past a restaurant every day this semester and have been telling yourself that you’ll stop by before you graduate, now’s your chance! Plan a date night with your significant other or a group of friends and have your last hurrah at that restaurant that you’ve been dying to try. Hopefully it’s not too great – or you’ll be kicking yourself for not eating there sooner.

3. Attend a local sporting event

There’s no better way to bond and wrap up your college career than attending a local sporting event. Whether it’s minor league baseball, softball or even a competitive kickball league, with the right attitude (and weather) you’ll be sure to have a great time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Spend a day in the most scenic area of campus

Pack a picnic, grab your favorite book and trek out to the most scenic area on campus. Whether it’s the beach, park or mountains, you’ll be glad you took a day to relax before you graduate and enter the working world.

5. Thank that instructor who changed your life

Everyone has that one instructor who taught a class or offered a piece of advice that changed his/her life. Take the time to go say thank you! Showing your gratitude may help you form a bond that will serve you well throughout your career, and will give the instructor confidence to continue inspiring other students.