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Alumni Spotlight: Lydia Lucero

April 11, 2016

Lydia didn’t think that going back to school in her 30s was something she could accomplish. She also didn’t think she was capable of being successful after life had thrown her so many curveballs. But her will to do better for her children helped her use the encouragement and motivation from those around her to leave an abusive relationship and turn her life around for the better.Lucero 1

Working a graveyard shift at her job, Lydia enrolled herself in the Medical Billing and Coding program[1] at Carrington College in Albuquerque and passed her first semester with flying colors! Life was looking up until a devastating health issue led to her losing her job, losing her apartment and losing all but her will to continue through with school.

This speed bump took a toll on Lydia and her family. While she was welcomed with open arms and had a place to stay with loved ones, the cost of commuting to and from school was a constant struggle.

Nothing could stop Lydia though. During those harsh winter days, she showed up to school early and stayed in the lab doing her homework until she was all done in the late evenings. Regina Brooks, Lydia’s program director, saw her through it all. “I’m so proud of her,” said Brooks, “I have never had a student work so hard for her own future.”

Lydia was determined to finish school and to overcome the roadblocks for her and her kids. When it was time for Lydia to start her externship, she set the bar high and amazed her colleagues and professors with perfect attendance. At the end of her externship at Academy Orthopedics, Lydia was offered a permanent position.

Lydia now works as a billing clerk for Academy Orthopedics and lives in a nearby apartment.

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