5 Great Apps For Veterinary Students

Here are some great apps every veterinarian student can take advantage of.Any student enrolled in veterinary school knows that they’ll take any advantage they can get when it comes to studying. Luckily, in today’s day and age, there’s certainly no shortage of technological advances that can help students with everything from staying organized to instantly accessing their notes during their vet technician programs. Any aspiring veterinarian equipped with a smartphone can grant themselves access to dozens of apps that are essential to anyone looking to gain an upper hand in the classroom. Check out these five specific apps for veterinary students that are changing the way students learn and research:

A Vet Tool

Arguably the most essential app every veterinarian student should have is A Vet Tool. Whether you’re enrolled in veterinary technician programs or focusing more on a medication-based education, A Vet Tool offers five different applications in one that help you operate several functions related to your training. For starters, you’ll have access to information for more than 650 types of veterinary drugs that can be searched through to find out everything from what it’s used for to what it’s potential side effects are. You’ll also be able to scroll through common blood and X-ray results for a wide range of animals, ranging from dogs to horses. Of course, its built-in computer application features nine types of calculators each designed to compute specific areas of veterinarian study, such as dosage conversion, medication requirements and even a gestation estimator for expecting animals. Simply put, A Vet Tool helps give you access to assistance every veterinarian can use, all tucked away in your pocket.

Compendium of Veterinary Products

Veterinary students focused on more pharmaceutical studies will surely benefit by downloading the Compendium of Veterinary Products app. This software features information on more than 5,000 medications, ranging from biological, feed and other types of prescription drugs for animals, as well as hundreds of parasiticides. On top of detailed reports of these medications, there’s also data regarding more than 200 manufacturers or distributors, along with their contact information. What’s best is that this is a free app, and a must-have for any student extensively studying the pharmaceutical side of veterinary education.

Merck Veterinary Manual

If you’re truly serious about having access to one of the most trusted sources in animal health information in your pocket at all times, then spending nearly $50 for the Merck Veterinary Manual app is certainly worth the investment. Purchasing this app is the equivalent to carrying around a 1,000-plus page veterinarian’s bible with you at all times. Some of the highlight accessories featured in this app include fully-colored images, audio and video examples of hundreds of different diseases. On top of that, there is access to reports and research regarding the diagnosis, treatment and medication of these animal-related health concerns, and students will enjoy being able to access specific charts and graphs that better illustrate the data presentation of these medical reviews.

Exotic Pet Vet

Every veterinarian student knows that their role will have to include medically diagnosing and treating a wide variety of animals, occasionally involving pets that certainly aren’t the norm. Exotic Pet Vet is an app that focuses specifically on health information regarding more exotic types of animals, ranging from birds, turtles to gerbils. Scrolling through this app will grant access to students regarding all the particular types of diseases, medications and symptoms that are associated with reptiles, small animals and birds. It’s also a great guide for analyzing the proper nutrition for each animal, and the app automatically updates whenever new research or studies indicate a new finding or result in relation to these animals. Students who are trying to increase their knowledge of lesser-handled animals will reap the benefits from this app.

Certified Veterinary Assistant

The name says it all, as this app allows veterinary students to adequately prepare for exams or research papers by having an all-out study guide with them at all times. Certified Veterinary Assistant is more geared toward students, in the sense that it features a variety of ways to assist your learning through whatever veterinary tech courses you may be taking. You can instantly load up some multiple choice quizzes regarding whatever topic you’re currently studying, or you can develop your own flashcards to assist in memorizing vocabulary words. There are 14 different lesson plans available to access through Certified Veterinary Assistant, and students can test themselves over everything from various medical terminology, new types of medications, laboratory protocol and even quizzes that are in different languages. Essentially, Certified Veterinary Assistant is like having a personal tutor, that’s always available for usage in your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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