San Jose, California Veterinary Technology Program

Hands-on Experience that Can Help You Advance Your Career

Veterinary Technicians are supervised in their work by licensed veterinarians; they perform a variety of duties in a veterinary practice that make them versatile and valued members of staff. Veterinary Technology is definitely a career choice for animal lovers, but you do have to be emotionally tough. They assist with surgical nursing, help with laboratory tasks, and carry out office administration functions.

This versatility, and the fact that pet ownership is increasing, means that Veterinary Technology is a growing profession; in fact employment of Veterinary Technicians is forecast to grow 52% by 2020 and that’s much faster than the average for all occupations.*

So if you are looking for Veterinary schools in San Jose, consider the Veterinary Technology degree program at Carrington College California San Jose campus:

  • The program culminates in an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology
  • We prepare graduates for the California Registered Veterinary Technician State Board Examination**
  • Students learn their skills through a mix of classroom lecture, practical instruction and hands-on experience
  • Students participate in an externship in a San Jose veterinary care facility
  • Graduates can apply for entry-level jobs in places like vets’ offices, animal hospitals & shelters

A practical, skills-based Vet Tech program in San Jose

Veterinary Technology is a hands-on profession and it can be physically challenging; have you ever tried to convince a 90lb German Shepherd to hold still for an x-ray? It’s a profession that demands a practical education that allows students to take the theory and put it into practice.

That’s why our San Jose Veterinary Technology faculty use a skills-based approach to learning. There are formal classroom lectures, but our students also get the chance to work with animals and animal simulators in frequent lab practice sessions. They also get invaluable clinical experience working side-by-side with veterinarians in a real animal care setting in San Jose.

Graduates of the San Jose Vet Tech degree program should have the skills and the confidence to:

  • Collect patient information and maintain medical records
  • Assist veterinarians as they perform diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Collect lab specimens
  • Assist with radiography (x-rays) and dental prophylaxes
  • Display their critical thinking and information management skills

Veterinary Technology degree program enrolling soon in San Jose, CA

Our San Jose faculty provides the basic knowledge and practical training students need if they wish to apply for positions as entry-level employees in veterinary care facilities. Although the Veterinary Technology associate degree program at our San Jose campus does emphasize the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology, it is not intended as a pre-veterinary program.

San Jose Veterinary Technology classes will be enrolling soon at Carrington College California, so speak with an Enrollment Services Representative today and you could make your dream of working with animals a reality.

Click here for three-year pass rate data for first-time test takers on the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) based on a July 1 to June 30 reporting year (2010-2013).

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook (2012-13 Ed.)

** Carrington College® California prepares students to take appropriate certification and licensure exams related to their individual majors. The College does not guarantee students will successfully pass these exams or be certified or licensed as a result of completing the program.