Criminal Justice

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If you’re looking for a career that can change your life and the lives of others, you may want to consider the Criminal Justice program at Carrington College®. At times, it can be very challenging and requires self-discipline. It takes a person with drive, passion and commitment to make it in this field. If you are someone who has these characteristics, and wants to put them to good use safeguarding people, property and public safety, our Criminal Justice certificate program could be right for you.

There are many ways for you to serve and protect

This program is designed to give you the necessary tools to help protect people, their possessions and properties. When you combine these skills with a focused, driven and open-minded attitude, you’ll be prepared for success in a criminal justice related career1. Potential opportunities include:

  • State corrections1
  • County and federal corrections1
  • Private or corporate security2
  • An investigator or loss preventions agent3

Investigate a program that will invest in you

The Criminal Justice Certificate program at Carrington College is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for a variety of entry-level positions in the industry. The learning structure is a combination of lectures, hands-on activities in class, and Internet research covering a diverse range of relevant topics. You’ll also get the chance to discuss job opportunities within the criminal justice field and explore various subjects concerning issues in public and private employment.

At Carrington College, you can receive beneficial information and hands-on training while you work to earn your Certificate. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you gain the ability and confidence to:

  • Display a working knowledge of the U.S. criminal justice system
  • Have an understanding of investigative rules and methods
  • Gain the technology skills necessary for success in a criminal justice career
  • Demonstrate your critical thinking, information management and communication skills

The program curriculum will cover comprehensive investigation studies such as rules of evidence, search and seizure procedures, proper interrogation practices and criminal intelligence. It’s this kind of information that will allow you to become confident in practical applications and techniques in the industry.

To learn more about educational and career opportunities in Criminal Justice, contact one of our Enrollment Service Representatives.