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Carrington College Blog

My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos

November 25, 2013

Mayra Ruiz GallegosHey guys, my name is Mayra Ruiz Gallegos and this is my Starting Point. Just a couple of weeks ago I started the Pharmacy Technology program at the Carrington College Mesa campus. Over the next 10 months, I’ll be sharing my college journey with you through blog posts like this one. I’ll let you know the highs and lows, and share some of my insights and experiences. I look forward to passing on all the helpful info I can to future Carrington students.

A Little About Me
So where to start? I guess at the beginning… I’ve been here in Mesa for 13 years now. I’m 25 years old, and I actually just moved back into my parents’ house until I finish my program at Carrington. My boyfriend, Josiah, is in the military; he’s stationed in San Diego. It’s been hard being apart, but we’re pushing through. I like to travel and enjoy life with my family and friends.

I’ve worked in health care a few times before; I’ve done front desk work in a doctor’s office, I’ve done customer service. But I’ve been working in a mail-order pharmacy at Humana Insurance for two years now. I deal mostly with Medicare members who have a hard time getting out of the house to get their medications; so we send their medication directly to their homes every three months. I’d always thought that I couldn’t get a pharmacy job without a qualification – so when the opportunity at Humana came up, I took it right away.

When I was younger I actually wanted to be a doctor, so I’ve always had a passion for the medical field. I never thought that I’d like the pharmacy side of it as much as I do, because it’s kind of back office stuff. But once I got this job and got into the day to day of it, I really really like it. I’ve realized this is what I want to do.

Mayra Ruiz GallegosWhy I Went Back To School
I decided to look at Pharmacy Technology programs because I wanted to be able to expand my knowledge, be able to do more for the members, and achieve more for myself. This is kind of like my first step. I want to keep going from here, I want to be a pharmacist. I love helping people and I really want to learn more. I knew that I had to go to school to be able to assist people better and to achieve my own goals – so here I am!

My Enrollment Interview
I went by myself to the interview. At first I was a little nervous because I’d visited other schools and had some bad experiences; I didn’t know how they were going to treat me. So I was a little iffy and a little nervous about it to be honest.

I wore business attire, basically smart slacks and a shirt. It was an interview for my future, so I wanted to be presentable for it and make a good impression. I had some idea of questions I wanted to ask from past experience of other interviews, so I really didn’t do a lot of research to be honest. A word of advice though, if this is your first college interview, make sure you take a list of things you want to know – or of things that are important to you so you don’t forget. And don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unclear on something.

I’d toured other schools, but to be honest they weren’t very inviting. When I came to Carrington everybody seemed happy and excited, and very upbeat. They were actually interested in me and my passion. It was a very different experience to the others I’d had – from the first moment I walked in, I knew I was going to come here.

Mayra&CierraCierra, my Enrollment Services Representative, made me feel very comfortable. It seemed like she really wanted to get to know me; she talked to me about the programs available, asked how I felt about them, and outlined all the different options I had. She gave me a tour of the campus, showed me where I’d be going, where I’d be studying every day.

She wasn’t pushy; she just told me what the school could offer and that I should go home and think about it. So I did, and the next day I came back and enrolled!

Stay tuned – In my next blog I’ll talk about that first day of class and the nerves that come with it!  Thanks for reading!