Mesa Dental Hygiene Clinic

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Where is the Mesa Dental Hygiene Clinic?


1300 S. Country Club Dr., Suite 2
Mesa, AZ 85210
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Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation change each semester. Call 480-717-3510 to make your appointment today!

About the clinic

Want a dental cleaning without forking over ANY cash? Then Carrington College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic is here for you!

We have a large dental hygiene clinic, so there should be plenty of room for you.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the catch?” It’s not money, it’s your time.

Because we’re a teaching clinic, your appointment will take longer than what you’d expect at a typical dentist office. Plan on spending 3-4 hours each visit. A student will be doing all the work, then their instructors and the clinic dentist need to sign off when they’re done. Think of it this way…it’ll be the most thorough cleaning you’ve probably ever had!

Need to cancel?

Nobody likes a no-show, especially not if your grade depends on it. If you can’t make your appointment, call us at least 3 days in advance. Our students get a big fat F for the day when they don’t see a patient. You don’t want that, right?