Why I Like Carrington

/ Student / Medical Office Management

Posted on January 30, 2012

The classes were realistic in what was taught, as they related to the real world in skills learned. When I graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding course, I received help getting a job. The one I finally got at that time was through the career services sending my resume out to prospective employers. This job, as a medical administrative assistant, helped me discover what type of work I would be happiest doing, because I REALLY enjoyed that job. 🙂 When I enrolled for the MOM program, the availability of online courses was very instrumental in my being able to do the course, because of its flexibility. The instructors were available through e-mail, and were very good at responding to my questions. The courses were easy to understand, and again related to the real world in what skills were taught, and the reasoning behind the instruction is sound. The format of the program used for online instruction is easy to follow. I had no trouble finding and using anything I needed. Career services is once again helping me, providing help with my resume, and keeping a look-out for any openings that might be a good fit for me. It’s a tough market out there right now, and I appreciate any and all help I can get.