What would i have done without Carrington College?

/ Student / Dental Assisting

Posted on June 6, 2012

Carrington has helped me in every way,,,,,to achieving a goal of getting a career……. to helping others. I really dont know what i would have done without the advisors from Carrington, there really were the ones that inspired me. Also, Ms Yang was such a pleasure teacher to have. I have to say out of the 12 years i was in school (k-12), this teacher really knew what she was talking about. I loved the way she thought if anything, ill definetly like to teach in the feature just like Ms. Yang she truely was worth my while. Right noiw im working a detention center and contracted by ICE and well lets just say i dont regret one bit about Carrington, I really hope it inspires somebody to make the right choice and get the best expirience&,help rom the best teachers with great knowledge like i did.