The staff

/ Student / Medical Laboratory Technician

Posted on February 1, 2012

The Carrington campus in Tucson is amazing. We have a wonderful dean who is always there to talk to us if we need it and she is always giving us motivational support. Our new director is a really amazing guy as well. They both always make sure to come by the classes at least everyday and wave and say hi. They are always very interested in what we’re learning and always make it known that they’re there if we need them. I don’t know much about how other colleges like Carrington work, but I love my campus and I’m happy to have such wonderful staff to support all of us students. My instructor, Mrs. A, is absolutely incredible. I can’t believe the knowledge she has for this field of work and I feel so lucky to have someone liker her teach me the information needed. She is definately someone that I will always look up to and strive to be as good as her in the field.