the big leap

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on June 20, 2013

i went straight from high school into carrington. from the begginning the staff was amazing. they walked me through everything i needed to know and everything that i would learn. my first day of class we jumped right into CPR and everything. throughout my classes my instructor, Ms. Denogean, was the most amazing teacher i have ever had. she had just the right amount of lecture and her technique in teaching was excellent. she told us stories and senarios that helped solidify my learnings and lessons. she made it easy and so much fun to learn, and overall an amazing experience. i passed my classes with all A’s and one B thanks to her. the labs and all the hands on things that we did made sure that we would not forget what was taught to us. this school helped prepare me to be the best Medical Assistant i can hope to be. im so happy i chose this school and i would hands down recomend this school to anyone and everyone!