The Beginning

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on January 18, 2013

it all started while i was getting ready to go to work at walmart. not that its a bad job but ive always wanted more. i recieved a call from the call center and spoke with someone who patched me to Marisa. Everything seemed to have shifted that day, after i met with her there were a few glitches to work through. then the actual school part. tough? yes! it was almost grueling getting up everyday i have to admit, i was excited to be there but everyday seemed to be a constant struggle for me and what seemed to be every other student, but we all kept coming . there has to be something in that. 10.5 months later im now a graduate and working towards bigger and better things. Everyday that ive finished the program i think back to that day and shake my head, its crazy what happens in life.