Thanks Carrington

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on September 20, 2012

It help because Carrington took their time to go to Edison High School and talk about Carrington College. I was one of those person who would not listen when we had college people walking in I would not listen because it would not call my attention. But once staffs from Carrington walked in talking about medical career I was happy to hear about this I want to do that’s how I sign in for Carrington College I would hear other colleges about medical career but I would not listen to any other colleges because Carrington was and is the school I want to keep going. Also Chistina N. staff of Carrington help me a lot too it was nice from her to let me know what they have in school. Also I like the way she would take her time to call me to set up an appointment. I also want to thanks the teachers because they would take their time to help me understand things I would be a little confuse about and career services for helping me on interviews and looking for jobs. They always keep in contact with you to make sure your doing okay. Thanks Carrington College for all your help I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for another career. Thanks,