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Posted on February 27, 2013

Hi my name is lisa and so far carrington college has helped me get back on tract to start a career and to look forwards to a better life for me & my daughter . By me going back to school to achieve my goal in life . I was getting so tired of the dead in job I had I felt like I wasnt going anywhere in life , I was getting so tired of feeling stuck so I decided to go back to school it took me a couple of months to figure out what college to go to and after I did my research I found out that carrington college was for me . Ive only been in the medical assisting program for 3weeks now & ive learned a lot and the fact that right now we are doing a lot of hands on it giving me a lot of practice befor actually going out in the field which is great. As of right now Im learning how to do the Vidal signs, veinipuncture, proper handwashing, proper use of equipment, pt screening wt, pt screening ht, pt screening snellen, pt audiometer, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, ekg ect. Im on my way to accomplish my goal in life and that to work hard towrds a better paying job to provide for my daughter to show her that if you work hard torwards what you want you can accomplish anything in life.