Realizing My Dream

/ Student / Registered Nursing

Posted on February 19, 2013

After 18 years and many of life’s speed bumps, I finally have the opportunity to chase my dream and make it my reality. I started the process in the summer 2012 ready to start school October 2012. However, yet another speed bump appeared as my husband was ran over by a car that resulted in massive injuries. My admissions advisor, Marty, stuck with me. I was finally, offically enrolled to start classes in February 2013. I was then notified that there were issues with my financial aid. The director of financial aid, Tammera, was not going to let this stand in my way. She assured me she would have me in class on the first day and that we would continue to work on it. Had it not been for all of the support I received from Marty and the financial aid department as a whole, I would not be where I am today. Aside from doing this for me and the betterment of my family, I feel I own everyone who has made this happen for me my best.