Predictable Cliche Inspirational Story Headline…..Or is it?

/ Student / Health Care Administration

Posted on July 14, 2014

Although my story may not seem like anything special, there is always someone out there who can relate and knows exactly what I have gone through or some variation of it. Not everyone comes from the same background or experiences the same things so therefore not every story will affect anyone person the same way. What one person my find hard another may not. However…here’s a short version of mine. I grew up in a small town, not a lot of opportunity either way in terms of carriers or schooling. Even though I enjoy my area of Calaveras County I knew if I wanted to get my start I would have to move to a much bigger and populated place. I was never a fan of school and even though I did well in High School I never had plans to go to college. Well life happened and I decided it was time to go back. My cousin attended this exact campus, different course but same campus and absolutely loved it. I had originally looked at some campuses online and called a few but all started their pitch with something involving my credit card and wanting money even though I stated I am just looking. Carrington College Sacramento however approached it a bit differently. I had called and actually agreed to take a look at the campus, although very hesitant and and very doubtful but open minded none the less. I swear this is the short version…My rep was Kimberly Carleton and like the other reps she had her routine and things she was suppose to say but she somehow made it a bit more personable. To speed things up she had done some thing to go above and beyond and yet….no mention of how much I owe them or my sadly overused credit card. I was then rescheduled to come in and I talked to Yanna Epstien (please forgive spelling, going off memory) Once again like Kimberly she had this added something that made this initial anxiety of going back to school almost seem fun. Before I knew it I was signed up and had a start date. My friends and family seemed just as shocked as I did. With a great staff and teachers at my disposal I graduated with a certificate in Healthcare Administration, a 4.0 GPA and made Dean’s list and Presidents list(well according to my teacher I did and I didn’t even know the presidents list was a real thing) I currently am employed and now looking into furthering my schooling. I still maintain that someone drugged me because I never enjoyed school this much. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better school or staff. I miss seeing them and tell everyone about my experience. I am proud to say I went to Carrington College California! Big thanks to Mr. Bozek and Mrs. Young!! I am on my break at work and running out of time so please be gentle when it comes to grammar and spelling, after all my class was Healthcare Administration not English.