Carrington Student Reviews

/ Student / Dental Assisting

January 15, 2014

Carrington has helped me accomplish what I wanted which was to become a dental assistant. From day one everyone was so helpful and always gave me accurate answers.

/ Student / Pharmacy Technology

January 14, 2014

When I first came to Carrington I must admit that I was a bit affaird because at first I did not know what I was walking into, all I know is that I wanted to continue my education. But after meeting the staff and going… Read More

/ Student / Medical Assisting

January 13, 2014

I loved almost everyone at Carrington College. They were helpful, and very enthusiastic and happy! I loved the fact that everyone was willing to help if possible. The fact that you could be having the worse day and walk in… Read More

/ Student / Veterinary Technology

January 11, 2014

This school made it possible for me to begin my dream career as a Veterinary Technician. The instructors are awesome, and the staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. I really feel like they truly cared and wanted me to… Read More

/ Student / Health Care Administration

January 8, 2014

Im pleased that I chose Carrington college! I recently completed my externship, and already found a job! The staff was very kind, helpful and understanding, which made my transistion much easier!

/ Student / Health Care Administration

January 6, 2014

It has helped me by giving the confindence to take a differnt path to a new career. I have learn how to write reports and ti understand what they mean. To interact with my school mates and how we have helped each other… Read More

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

January 3, 2014

I was a stay home dad for 3 years. When she started school had to find a new career. Carrington helped me find that career and get a job. Now I have a great job to help support my family and my little girl.

/ Student / Medical Assisting

January 2, 2014

Well my first teacher was Mr. Sanchez. He really cared about success of his students and always encouraged me to have confidence and to not label my self. He was patient when I didnt understrand something. I was always the… Read More

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

December 25, 2013

I feel excited about getting to learn a new vocation.

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

December 24, 2013

For past 8 years I have worked in a medical billing office as a biller, coder, authorization representative, patient collections specialist, and accounts receivable coordinator. I performed extremely well and excelled in… Read More