Newly graduate from stockton California campus

/ Student / Veterinary Technology

Posted on January 29, 2013

Two years ago i decided it was time to change my major. I was attending a junior college and the atmosphere of over crowded classes and never really getting that one on one time with my teachers was difficult. it made me think maybe college wasnt for me. But after some research i found Carrington College veterinary technology course. I decided to call and they schedule a appointment to see what this school had to offer. I joined that day to start on march 28th 2011 and two year later graduated on January 23rd 2013. I can say i graduated with my associates degree in animal science, and i am currently working as a vet tech. I owe a lot to my teachers, they will push you and help you in anyway they can to make sure we are prepared for the work force. And my classmates, one thing i did not except to experience from going to a trade school is building friendships the way i got too, the ladys that i got to experience all the hard work with are also the reason i am a graduate, you learn to support each other. So i do highly recommended anyone interested in veterinary technology check out Carrington.