New life

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on October 12, 2012

I was stuck in a rut not knowing what to do with my life. At one point I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t have a way of doing it. Jobs were hard to find and I needed something that was going to make me something. Something that was going to put me in the right direction to do something with my life. I chose Carrington! After a lot if talk with my family and herring their pros and cons I made a choice. That choice was to put all my fear aside and be a great mom and wife! Even thought I knew there would be hard times I pushed through. The staff and students were amazing! I couldn’t have asked for better instructors! I made life long friends while there and that was never planned. I never thought I would love school again but I did. I was now out of the rut I had gotten myself into so long ago and on to bigger and better things! Thanks Carrington!